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with Heart-centered Business Development.


I believe that spiritual business owners effect BIG change everyday.

I believe these entrepreneurs will change the world, as we shift from the current state of fear, scarcity and corporate greed toward support, ABUNDANCE and .

If you are a spiritual entrepreneur….You are here to change the world. But you cannot change the world unless you IMPLEMENT in your business. CONSISTENTLY.

Life hides these perfect plans from us by piling tons of distractions and heavy burdens (obligations, bills, fear, debt, worry, rent/mortages, self-doubt, expectations from others, etc.) on top of our true clear vision. I work closely with my clients to uncover the buried treasures of lost talents that will fuel their BIG purpose.

Who you are:

You have the entrepreneurial spirit within you, either as a BIG idea, a side project (that you LOVE more than the job that pays the bills) or a small business that is doing just okay. Your dream BIG business ideas include, but are not limited to, being seen by the right customers or investors, expanding your brand, reaching thousands of people with your message, producing & marketing products, combining your many passions into programs/services available to customers around the world. And you do not want to wait, you want it NOW!

Where you get stuck:

You know in your heart that GREATNESS lay ahead of you but you are unsure where to start or what to do first. Because you are an entrepreneur, you are not lacking ideas or talents. But you are not sure who to CONNECT with, when and how to bring STRUCTURE to your ideas so you can profit from your brilliance.

What you need most RIGHT NOW:

At the end of the day, you want to feel like your big dreams are in motion (or already a reality!), you want peace of mind that everything you dreamed of is right on track AND that you are building the ideal lifestyle that you’ve always wanted! You are no longer willing to live your life hiding and not living your GREATNESS. Thankfully, you’re smart and self-motivated, but you know yourself well and you need help staying focused, on-track, and accountable. And if we’re really being honest, at times you experience self-doubt, need a confidence boost and the occasional kick in the behind.

How can I help?

If you are ready RIGHT NOW to take the first step toward BIG shifts in your business and life, congratulations! Indira Gandhi once said: You can break that big plan into small steps and take the first step right away.

Schedule a complimentary 15-20 minute “Getting to Know You” phone call with me to see if I can help you. I can get to know your situation and business AND you will get to experience the type of coach that I am! I cherry pick my ideal clients, so this conversation is to see if we can have BIG results together.

I am so excited and honored that you are ready to BE BIG NOW. Click on the button below and let’s chat to see if we’re a good match and if one of my programs is a perfect fit for you. And feel free to more about my client’s BIG BUSINESS transformations! I look forward to hearing from you. : )
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Uncover your Big Factor today    *    Live your greatness EVERYDAY    

You are READY to be seen right now!

I am honored to guide you to the BIG answers that lay within you.

Talk Soon,

Lynan (my signature)

Lynan M. Saperstein, CHHC  Visionary Business Mentor & Lifestyle Coach

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